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We recommend that you bring your car in for service every 3,000 miles.

Quality service is the hallmark of success for Nate. European Motors, LLC has specialized in servicing Volvos for over 40 years. He takes extreme pride in providing affordable, convenient, quality service to his customers. Volvos are made to last forever says Nate, as he demonstrates cars that are for sale.

The Volvo tag line is Volvo for life. Nathan explains that that saying has two meanings. The first meaning is that Volvos save lives on a daily basis. This brand is world-renowned for safety. Volvo engineers were the industry leaders in safety seat belts, crumple zones, side impact door protection, air bags, ABS brakes and a host of other innovations. The second meaning is that once you have experienced this brand of car, you will keep driving Volvos for your entire life.

“We see many lifers at European Motors Pre-Owned, LLC,” explains Volvo Tom.

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